heya!!!! i miss you guyss

"I watched you lose interest in someone you said you’d love till the end of time. From that moment on I realized I’d never fully trust the words of a lover’s mouth again."
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"요즘 내 꿈까지도 온통 너로 적셔있어
These days, even my dreams
Are saturated with you"
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obsessedwithscully: Pretty much everything you post is stunning and haunting. <3

oh baby thank you

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living dead
  • rob: can i say something
  • me: no
  • me:
  • rob:
  • me:
  • rob: jk

straight girls wanting to make out with you and your boys getting mad

Anonymous: .. Submit link?

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im home lets get high

now that im 100% sure we’re not alone in the universe id like to take a walk on the other side

really bored right now

my friend made me watch this lesbian movie because she thinks ive been acting really straight and shes worried

i know i said this a  million times before but

i fucking love janis joplin so fucking much i cant fucking handle this